FullFolder: Gives You The Ability To Open Folders In Full Screen


FullFolder is another Folder tweaks added to the Cydia’s repository. It gives you the ability to open and view the folders in full screen along with other options that you deem it useful. The stock iOS 7 provides very few eye catching elements and they are hideous when you open them. As usual, the background [...]

Clash of Clans Hack Tool v2.1.5 – 100% Working

clash of clans

Clash of Clans Hack Tool [No Jailbreak Needed] Clash of clans is a well known game worldwide. This game is generally very interesting and Clash of Cans is a multiplayer game. Clash of Clans is a popular iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android game. This game is created by “Supercell”. In this game, players are used to build community, train troops. [...]

Best Top 5 Winterboard Themes iOS 7 Jailbreak April 12, 2014

winterboard theme thumbnail

Each week we share our top iOS 7 Tweaks and Themes with our readers. We try to post these on Friday and Saturday so be sure to remember to get the Top Tweaks and Themes of the week those days. We also share the tweaks and Themes as they are released through the week. So follow our social media sites to stay up to date daily as we post all our content directly to our social media daily

Five Awesome Free Cydia Tweaks Released April 11, 2014


Check out this weeks Five free Cydia tweaks below. This weeks free tweaks offer some great usability and will add to the users device performance. The tweaks are listed below but we recommend checking out our video for a walk through of how these tweaks perform.

Vibrator: Add Additional Features To Viber


Vibrator is a tweak that adds useful additional features to Viber. If you are a heavy user of Viber, then Vibrator is a must. It has features and functionality similar to that of Whatsapp+ tweak. Below we will outline the features offered by this particular tweak.   As usual, installing Vibrator adds a preference pane [...]

MultiPass: Assign Multiple Pass Codes To Your iDevices


MultiPass is a new, interesting and handy tweak in the jailbreak community. It allows you to assign multiple pass codes to your lock screen which can be used in certain situation.   MultiPass allows you to create and used a temporary pass codes. These pass codes can then be used by your friends and relative [...]

AutoControl: Makes The Control Center To The Hide Media Controls


AutoControl is a tweak that modifies only one element of Control Center. That one element is the media controls. It will hide the media controls when the music is not playing.   Installing AutoControl won’t add any preference pane to your settings menu. As usual the Control Center displays the media controls regardless of whether [...]

Best 10 [iOS 7] Cydia Tweak RoundUp April 6, 2014 [Video]

cydia tweak roundup

We enjoy sharing the tweaks each Friday which have been released over the past week. So be sure to bookmark the site or subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay updated.

TimeForAlarm 2: Displays The Remaining Time For Alarm

TimeForAlarm 2

TimeForAlarm 2 is an amazing tweak and very similar to AlarmNotifier tweak. They both perform the same task of displaying the remaining time for the alarm to go off. However with TimeForAlarm 2 it is more like a “live” countdown rather than a static hours and minutes display.

MathPass: Using Math As An Alternative To Pass Code


MathPass is a very friendly tweak that can be used instead of pass code. MathPass brings up mathematical questions and the answer to that question will the be the pass to unlock the phone. Now those who do not use lock code or are not keen to security then they should definitely try this out.

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